Stohlquist SWICX – Men’s Shortsleeve




Swicx Men’s – ShortSleeve Drytop

New and improved for 2008!  SWICX switch – Dry-Shorty version of the FreeRYDE has soft sealing, waterproof neoprene seals on both neck and biceps and built in gender specific, both men’s and women’s models, with a whole new level of comfort, mobility, breathability, and waterproof durability.

SWICX has a unique and comfortable dry-seal that is soft, durable, and is an effective alternative to the latex neck gasket.

The SWICX integrates the ergonomic, 3D full articulation of the Stohlquist FREEdom series drytops for a full motion fit that follows your every move. Inner waist is longer than one might expect. It has a wide, sticky backed neoprene band sewn onto the lower hem. This Gripp-Loc feature keeps it from creeping upwards and locks the hem comfortably in place on the hips. This is drier, and keeps your lower back covered, and water from entering at the hem, while upright or inverted by water in motion inside the kayak.

Outer waistband, together with inner create an “envelope” tunnel. Sprayskirt’s waist tube fits inside. It has extended length so waist tube has full surface contact, for a better water barrier. This envelope blocks flow to the inside of your boat. The outer waistband is wide with a grippy inside surface to minimize shifting, slipping and to seal up the skirt.

The outer waist, has two Velcro adjustments, one at each side to get a good seal in the “envelope”. The adjustment is at the sides to minimize bulk at the stomach where you bend and also to fit a wide range of waist sizes.


Technical Specifications :

  • Colors: FireBall Red ….. sweet!
  • Fabric: 4.2oz TTL Eclipse 3 layer

Chest Sizes:

  • Medium 40″ – 42″

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg

Fireball Red